Make Gaming Jolly Again!

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Welcome to the GameJolly Network where I am doing my best to make gaming Jolly again. I am reconstructing the Network with GameJolly as the flagship network site. ZoneJolly will now be our entertainment site covering Movies, TV, Sports, and all things entertainment related. Warson Computers is now my home to Technology where I will discuss many of the technology topics of the day. Warnock’s Gaming Zone is returning and will be more focused on what I am currently playing and a place for everyone to hang out and talk about the greatest games.

GameJolly has been my pet project for many years including back in 2000-2003 where I ran multiple fan sites for Star Trek games, Diablo, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, as well as writing for a long gone site called Gamerspulse and helping work on Those sites gave me the ability to go to multiple E3’s as a press person and meet some of the greatest game developers. I hope to build those relationships back and help make gaming and the tech world Jolly again. Even though this is part time and mostly just for fun I hope that you enjoy reading a little about my adventures/misadventures into this Jolly world we live in. I took a hiatus to mainly play World of Warcraft and focus on work and family. As the kids have grown up I am enjoying getting back into writing and discovering all the cool things that are out there.

I will be posting more reviews, more often and working to build a more comprehensive site. Please comment below with what you like or don’t like. Tell me what you want to see and don’t want to see. And most of all remember that GameJolly is all about having fun and building a community where we can all come together and talk about the best things that are happening today. I hope you will join me on this Jolly adventure!

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