Steep Preview (Retro)

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Steep Preview

So if you have been looking for a thrill ride that will take your breath away then you have to get Steep. This exhilarating and beautiful game allows you to slam down through mountainsides like never before in amazing places designed from the Alps and Alaska in the future. For the first time (I believe) in a video game you can now ski, snowboard, Wingsuit, and Paraglide your way to oblivion.

Steep was in Open Beta last weekend and will be released on December 2nd just in time for the holidays. I played so much Steep Beta that my hands hurt. Not only is the game fun but you can share everything and really truly define how you play the game. Some of the Features are

Challenge events – Where you take on challenges that test your skill at any of the given play types. These could be Big Air, Proximity Flying, or many others. You also will join the leaderboards the better you do in each challenge.

Epic Riding Quests – These quests take you to places where you will find out more information about the secrets of the game and unlock more adventures.

New legendary Drop zones – As you find new amazing places within the game you will have the ability to unlock different zones and launch zones. Each of these drop zones will give you crazy new play areas.

Track your lines – If it wasn’t enough to shred the mountains each run you make creates your own unique line that you can share to your friends and challenge them to beat your time or even keep up with your crazy time.

Mountain stories – The mountains are alive with stories and as you learn about these mountains you will do it through the stories and gain new insight into the locations that you are sliding and flying through.

Invitational challenges – As you progress towards your goals of becoming the best at what you do you may be sent invitational challenges for you to compete against other players from around the world.

Crazy Drop in Places – So ever wanted to jump from a hot air balloon and wing suit through the alps (yeah me neither) however you can in Steep and it is such a blast.

Gear – So not only do you get to play and do amazing things you get to earn cool new pieces of gear helmets, boards, drones that is right drones. All this allows you to show off your epic skills to all your friends.

Real World events – The game will also replicate many of the great snowboarding, skiing events of the world. So if you ever wanted to compete in some of the craziest world events you get your chance to do that now.

Multiplayer world – Team up with your friends or hook up and meet new friends on the slopes. You will get to play the way you want and get to see the narliest crashes and most thrilling fun that you have seen in a long time.

“Strap in, Suit Up, And Drop In.”

Final Thoughts

Steep was amazingly fun to play over the closed beta and open beta and I am very excited for the released on December 2nd. I have played many skiing, snowboarding games that were lots of fun. Steep has taken that and blown my mind by adding the Wing Suit and Paragliding both are amazing on their own but paired with the snowboarding and skiing and the added multiplayer and gear this game is truly going to be a great addition to any X-games junky.

Developer Ubisoft